Want to take action over climate change, and do it now? Then sponsor me to plant a tree. I've planted over 5000 trees - help me get to 10000!

In rural Miranda, NZ, I began planting trees in 2007 - turning 12 hectares of steep eroded land into a sustainable reforested park-like environment, rich in biodiversity and covered in trees.

Pick a planting option below and reduce your carbon footprint. Feed a forest - with more trees!

Forest man


The trees

  • 1 shrub/vine/sml tree: Seedling in up to 1-litre pot, selected to suit the planting location, could be fruiting, climbing, ground-cover, or native.
  • 3 large trees: Seedlings in up to 6-litre pots, selected to suit the planting location, mature size forms forest canopy, could be exotic or native.
  • 10 NZ native trees: Seedlings in up to 10-litre pots, all will be NZ native trees.

All sponsored trees and plants will be planted at Miranda Energy Park - a 12.5Ha private property located in the north-Waikato region of New Zealand, about an hour's drive south-east of Auckland. Species selected will depend on planting location and tree availability. Tree planting times in NZ are usually March-October, however some species can be planted any time. All planting is weather dependant.


We don't live on the land - we live with the land.

— Permaculture principle

What I will do for you:

  • Name on sponsor list: Your provided name* is posted on the Sponsor List below.
  • Name tag on plants/trees: Plants/trees will have your provided name* on tags, attached to the tree when planted, and images of these will be posted at Gallery. You will see your trees, after they've been planted! You'll also receive an email once your trees have been planted.
  • Guided tour: A 3-hr guided tour will be provided at a mutually agreeable time, where I will meet you at my road gate. If you prefer I can arrange a virtual tour with live camera feed.
  • Email Q&A: At any time you can email me any questions and I will reply ASAP.

  • * Your name: You can remain anonymous if you'd prefer.


Sponsor List - the 4 most recent sponsors are:

  • Doris & Jim - United Kingdom Understory 1-off
  • Shona M - Oamaru, NZ Forest 1-off Trees now planted - see Gallery & Miranda Energy Park in links below.
  • Diane B - Stewart Island, NZ Seed 1-off
  • Annie A - Miranda, NZ Seed 1-off

Thank you!